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Inter-agency Rapid Needs Assessment Report: Gette, Jur River County (12 April 2016)

On 12 April, humanitarian partners travelled from Wau to undertake an Inter-agency Rapid Needs Assessment (IRNA) mission in Gette Boma and respond to pressing needs. This IRNA report outlines the key findings from the assessment team.
Résultats Principaux: 
The IRNA team found that there were an estimated 5,570 Internally Displaced People (IDP) sheltering in Udici Payam, Jur River County, who had fled from the villages of Kiyanngo, Bararoute, Kwot, Kondogo, and Makot. IDPs reported that their livelihoods had been destroyed and that they were surviving on wild food collection and reducing meals and food intake. [...]
Rapport d’évaluation : 
Publicly Available
Questionnaire d'évaluation: 
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Données d'évaluation: 
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12 avr 2016

Level of Representation

Report completed
Méthode de collecte: 
Key Informant Interview
Focus group discussion
Type de population: 
Toutes les populations affectées
Populations Déplacées
Agence chef de file: 
Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
Organisations participantes: 
Organisation internationale pour les migrations
Johanniter International
Solidarites International
Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés
Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Organisation mondiale de la Santé
Jur River
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