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Outbreak of Acute Watery Diarrhea in Beletweyne as of 29 January 2020

An outbreak of acute watery diarrhea was reported in Beletweyne on 23 January 2020. The outbreak is linked to inadequate clean water and sanitation following the recent floods in the area. Since the onset, Rapid Response Teams have reported at least 148 cases recorded, with a CFR of 2.4% in Beletweyne. This calls for urgent interventions to bring it down to <1%. Most of the cases have been reported to come from Kooshin, Hawo-Tako and Buundaweyn. This visualization is a work in progress. It presents an overview of the ongoing response, gaps and challenges. Please submit feedback to

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Save The Children
Organisation mondiale de la Santé
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29 jan 2020
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Actualisation Humanitaire
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Catastrophe(s) / Urgence: 
Tropical Cyclone Pawan - Dec 2019
Somalia: Floods - Oct 2019
Horn of Africa: Locust Infestation - Oct 2019