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Ebola Confirmed cases status (week 16: 13 -19 April 2015)

Week 16, Maps shows for each District, prefecture or county:- Ebola EVD cases for  the last 7 days

                                                                                         - Ebola EVD caese for the last  21 days,

                                                                                   - The total Number of confirmed cases since the outbreaks start and the number of days since the last Ebola confirmed case was detected

                                                                                         - The laboratories status

                                                                                         -  The ETC status

                                                                                         - The trend Analysis for the period from 09 March to 19 April 2015

                                                                                         -  Pies and dots chart analysis for the confirmed cases during last 7 and 21 days.



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United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response
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22 avr 2015
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