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This revised appeal seeks a total of CHF 101.4 million. This amount includes CHF 44,680,094 that will enable the IFRC to support the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS) to deliver recovery assistance and support to EVD-affected populations (includes EVD survivors, orphans and vulnerable children; affected households; Red Cross and community volunteers) over a total timeframe of 45 months. The revised appeal has a focus on (i) disaster risk reduction; (ii) health and care (CBH, PSS, case management, water and sanitation); (ii) food security and livelihoods; and (iv) National Society development, through community and institutional development strategies.

The ultimate goal of post-EVD recovery is to re-establish the conditions for a quick return to a healthy society, with viable livelihoods, psychosocial well-being, economic growth, and overall human development that can foster a more inclusive society in the future. However, the immediate priority is to end the epidemic, and address the adverse conditions that enabled a localized epidemic to escalate into a national crisis with regional and global ramifications. IFRC also recognises the importance minimizing the risk of a resurgence in cases by strengthening the health system in Sierra Leone with support of the regional and global disease surveillance networks.

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Fédération internationale des sociétés de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge
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23 juin 2015
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Appel de Fonds
Sierra Leone
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OCHA Sierra Leone
West Africa: Ebola Outbreak 2014 - 2015