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AAP questions for community consultations

This document has been compiled as a compendium of questions that can be drawn from when designing a community consultation and ensuring that questions are included about the quality and accountability of the aid response to the people affected by the disaster. Questions chosen, use and adaptation will depend on the context, the purpose of the consultation, stage of the project cycle and methodolgy used (focus group discussions, household surveys, post distribution monitoring etc). It is not intended that all questions would be used, but rather, selected from. Questions are designed to address gender, age and diversity of need, and cover: need, targetting and selection, information and communication (for aid and for accountability), complaints, sexual exploitation and abuse, participation, feedback, and design, monitoring and evaluation.


Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
Date de publication initiale: 
20 nov 2013
Type de Document: 
Redevabilité envers les populations affectées
Communication avec les Communautés
Violence Sexuelle et Sexiste
Typhoon Haiyan - Nov 2013