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Nigeria: Child Protection Referral Pathway, Maiduguri and Jere LGA Guidance note

Nigeria - CPSWG Referral Pathway MMC & Jere and Yobe 

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Community members and humanitarian stakeholders from all Sectors are strongly encouraged to refer individual cases of children affected by any form of neglect, abuse, violence and exploitation and to flag concerns regarding a situation affecting children to the Child Protection Working Group, led by the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and co-led by UNICEF, and its member organizations.
Referrals should abide to the following principles:
1. Always seek consent prior to a referral.
2. Whenever possible, strive to keep the parents/caregivers informed of any action regarding their child.
3. Avoid interviewing a child yourself or ask him/her details on an incident (leave the interview to be conducted by trained child protection caseworkers)
4. Maintain confidentiality and share cases details with relevant stakeholders only.

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Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance
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09 juin 2017
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Mobilisation des ressources
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Borno State
Nigeria: Complex Emergency - 2014-2020