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The AAP promotes humanitarian action that is accountable to affected people, and it facilitates coordination approaches that integrate gender, age, disability and other vulnerability considerations into all aspects of humanitarian response.

Accountability to affected people is...

... The process of using power responsibly by taking acount of, giving account to, and being held accountable by the people we see to assist. (...adapted from Core Humanitarian Standard).

Accountability supports a rights-based approach. It recognises and supports:

  • the right to life with dignity
  • the right to receive humanitarian assistance
  • the right to protection and security
  • the transfer of resources to minimise harm and promote positive effects
  • meeting needs
  • ensuring humanitarian action promotes a postive message
  • improves programme relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact
  • improves quality of services by ensuring that the response meets what the affected people feel are their needs, not what others may feel are their needs