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Libya | Humanitarian Access Snapshot (December 2021)

103 Humanitarian access constraints
4 Constraints related to military operations and ongoing hostilities impeding humanitarian operations
34 Constraints in relation to limited operational
1 Incidents involving interference in the implementation of humanitarian


The month of December saw the downward trend in access constraints recorded in the Access Monitoring and Reporting Framework (AMRF) continue. The year closed with a noticeable decrease in the number of restrictions of movement of humanitarian staff and goods within Libya: from 24 in November to only six in December. While the progressive decrease throughout the year may be attributed to relative stability after the signing of the ceasefire and formation of the Government of National Unity (GNU), December was particularly affected by a general reduction of humanitarian activity in view of the anticipated, but now postponed, elections, as well as the holiday season. 

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Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
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12 jan 2022
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