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Libya | Humanitarian Access Snapshot (May 2022)


An increase of almost 50 per cent in access constraints affecting humanitarian partners in Libya was reported during the month of May.

Restrictions of movement of agencies, personnel, or goods into Libya increased from 7 to 13, mostly due to INGO visas expiring and an unclarity in the renewal process and timing. While the visa situation has hugely improved during the first half of the year, partners continue to face challenges to sustain their presence on the ground due to the short validity of the entry permits. On top of this, partners have continued to report persistent challenges to withdraw money and conduct money transfers into the country. The HCT has continued engagements with the Central Bank of Libya regarding the issue, but no solution has been found as yet.

On a positive note, there has been a reduction in the number of cases where humanitarian staff have been subjected to abuse and/or violence. The reduction in violence against humanitarian workers is paired with a decrease in interference activities impacting humanitarian operations.

While these have been positive developments, new challenges to humanitarian operations continuity have arisen in May. Recent political developments in the country, mobilization of forces, and low-impact clashes have led to the disruption of humanitarian work in at least three instances. Engagements with key stakeholders are ongoing to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian operations should clashes continue.

Similar to last month, UNHAS continues to face administrative impediments to fly to AlKufra and Sebha. The lack of flights to these areas has impacted humanitarian operations and service delivery across sectors since April, leading to the postponement of activities. On top of this, limited funding to operate the airline might soon force services to elapse, which will become an additional challenge to the movement of humanitarian personnel, assets and aid. Meanwhile, UNHAS operations only within Libya are being mooted.

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Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
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23 juin 2022
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Rapport d'Analyse
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