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The Libya Cash and Markets Working Group (CMWG) was established in August 2016 to support the humanitarian sector operations to all affected populations in Libya (including IDPs, recently returned, host communities, refugees and migrants).

It is a community of practice of humanitarian actors (CMWG Members) that operates through the CaLP approach to cash coordination. It includes both technical functions that focus on process (such as sharing lessons learnt, harmonizing approaches to delivering cash, developing guidelines) and strategic or functions that focus more on results and impact (such as avoiding gaps and duplications, advocacy to promote appropriate cash based interventions and influence policy).

The CMWG is led by UNHCR. It is an inter-sectorial body as a sub-group of the Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG). The main objectives of the CMWG are:

  1. Harmonization of MPCA eligibility criteria and determination
  2. Harmonization of MPCA cash transfer value determination
  3. Harmonization of outcome, output and process monitoring
  4. Beneficiary data management
  5. Regular market monitoring
  6. Multi-purpose and sectoral cash assistance advocacy and information sharing
  7. Technical support to ISCG sectoral counterparts