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Bahamas- IOM Haiti - Situation Report - No. 10-Repatriation of Haitian Migrants from the Bahamas as of 13 July 2020

 Bahamian authorities have resumed repatriations of Haitian migrants as of 10 October after months of halting such proceedings.
 These repatriations come weeks after the authorities have announced their intention to deport all irregular/undocumented migrants from their territory.
 A total of 13 repatriations have been carried out from 10 October 2019 to 13 July 2020.
 Repatriations from the Bahamas have been carried out by air so far with 10 in Port-au-Prince (Ouest department) and 3 in Cap-Haitien (North department).
 Deportations are expected to continue as Bahamian authorities intend to deport all irregular migrants from their terri-tory.
 IOM has supported the Office of National Migration (ONM in French) in 11 of the 13 (repatriations with providing post arrival support to migrants such as onward transportation fees and NFI kits.

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European Commission Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection
Organisation internationale pour les migrations
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12 juil 2020
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Rapport de Situation