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Jordan Cross-Border Health Sector Preparedness Plan for southern Syria – June 2018

The Jordan Cross Border Health Sector Response Plan (June 2018) is intended to guide the sector in its planning and response to escalated violence in southern Syria and also encourage investment in these critical, life-saving activities. Contents of the plan include:

1. Context & Scenarios

2. Needs

3. Current Capacity

4. Preparedness Gaps and Priorities

5. Gaps in Funding

6. Sector Strategy

7. Intersector Linkages

8. Key Contacts

Annex I - Projected Needs for Mass Immunization Targets by RegionProjected Needs for Mass Immunization Targets by Region

Annex II - Damascus Health Sector Operational Response Plan for southern Syria, 25 June 2018

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26 juin 2018
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Contingency Plan
Redevabilité envers les populations affectées
Plan de Contingence
Déplacés Internes (IDPs)
Syria: Crisis 2011-2021