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Cluster Performance Monitoring Report: Jordan Cross Border Health Sector

The Cluster Performance Monitoring (CPM) Report covers the CPM process that was conducted by the Jordan Cross Border Health Sector between August and September 2018. Once the process was introduced on 16th August 2018, sector members, observers and other stakeholders took part in a feedback survey. Preliminary aggregate results were shared by email followed by a half-day discussion workshop attended by 18 participants from 13 agencies.

For reference, the Cluster Performance Monitoring process enables national and subnational clusters to:

  • Take stock of functions and deliverables of the cluster

  • Identify good practice

  • Identify what the partners can do to improve coordination

  • Identify functions that require (external) support

  • Follow trend in performance

  • Be accountable to HC/HCT and other stakeholders

  • Be accountable to national authorities and affected population



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Organisation mondiale de la Santé
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03 oct 2018
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Redevabilité envers les populations affectées
Coordination Régionale
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