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QANDIL Education Report


Aimed to provide education project for Syrian refugee students of elementary and secondary levels within Sulaimanyah governorate starting from April to December.


The project consists of 5 parts: adaptation of school buildings for disable students, parent-teacher association meetings (PTA), sport and recreational activities, going-back to school campaign and DAFI program.

Principales constatations: 

1. Adaptation of school buildings: Assessments have been done for 8 schools. Their needs were specified and accordingly BOQs have been prepared by QANDIL's site engineer for proceeding to next part of the implementation.
2. Parent-teacher association meetings have been done in 5 schools. The main points raised by the parents and teachers include
• Lack of transportation
• Lack of school uniform for children.
• Lack of first aid kit in the schools.
• Insufficient teacher’s training.
• School feeding Programme to encourage students in this economic strike to attend school.
• Need of furniture and equipment such as laptops, office desk and air conditioner for teacher's room, sofa, and class room desks, etc.
The points raised by the social workers include Child labor, Lack of privacy and Early/arranged marriage.
Challenges of education programs are highlighted below:
- Continuous change of teachers due to their withdrawal from teaching as a cause of finding better paid jobs.
- Delay in the salary of the contract based teachers have caused decline in their enthusiasm to teach.
- The filtration of the school dirty water which has affected the health of the students.
- Lack of Hygiene and some of the students infected with hair lice.
3. Sport and Recreational Activities - planning scheduled by QANDIL in coordination with DoE for 6 Syrian refugee schools starting from June to December 2016.
4. Going-back-to-school Campaign - scheduled to take place by end of August to encourage more refugees to back to schools.
5. DAFI Program - UNHCR will provide 5 seats for 5 refugee students in Sulaimanyah governorate to enroll in higher education in the public universities of University of Sulaimanyah, Salahadin University and Duhok University. Coordination by Qandi with related actors start from June to December.

Rapport d'évaluation: 
Publicly Available
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Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
01 mar 2016 - 24 mai 2016
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Key Informant Interview
Focus group discussion
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Swedish Development Aid Organization
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Haut-Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés
Al Sulaymaniyah