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Indonesia: Emergency Response on Floods in Jayapura - 07 January 2022 - SITREP #1


  1. The heavy rainfall that occurs since Thursday night (6 January 2022) have caused the flash flood and landslides in Jayapura. AKBP Suprapto, the local Police vice commander, said that seven people died.
  2. Severe affected areas are Jayapura Utara, Jayapura Selatan, Entrop, Abepura, Heram, and Muara Tami. The flood also hit Aryoko Hospital, Yotefa Market, and the Governor’s office.
  3. 125 families (500 people) have been displaced to safer places or their families’ houses.

Caritas Response

Caritas Indonesia is in a coordination process with the Diocese of Jayapura to gather the number of the affected people and the affected area while determining the type of response as needed in an early emergency response.

Urgent Needs

Ready to eat food, cleaning equipment, clean water, bedding (blankets, mattresses/mats), medicines/medical check-up, masks, rubber boats (for evacuation purposes)

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Caritas Indonesia
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07 jan 2022
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Rapport de Situation
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