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The Ethiopia Protection Cluster has been active since 2008 following the global roll out of the cluster approach. In 2016, for the first time, a protection component was included in the Ethiopia Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD). In 2019, for the first time, a Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) was prepared which cited 3.19 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Key protection concerns faced by Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and other affected populations in Ethiopia include sexual and gender based violence, physical violence, child marriage, family separation (including unaccompanied and separated children), psycho-social distress and trauma, persons with specific needs not receiving or being able to access life-saving services, persons without adequate shelter and living in collective sites, persons missing documentation and having no legal redress for lost property, livelihood or human rights violations.

The Ethiopia Protection Cluster (EPC) includes the Child-Protection (CP) and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Areas of Responsibility (CP/GBV AoR), co-led by UNICEF, UNFPA and the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA); the Housing, Land and Property Working Group (HLP WG), co-led by UNHCR and NRC, and the Mine Action (MA) Areas of Responsibility (AoR) lead by  (UNMAS).  

The Protection Cluster membership includes Government Institutions, UN agencies, donors, national and international NGOs.

The Protection Cluster meetings are usually held the last Thursday of every month. 

Ethiopia Protection Cluster Services Mapping


National Cluster 
Michele Simone-  Snr. Protection Cluster Advisor - Addis Ababa -
Alon Margalit -  Cluster Co-Coordinator( DRC) - Addis Ababa -
Meba Teklewold -  Asst. Protection Officer  - Addis Ababa-
Gete Mekuria -    Info. Management Officer  - Addis Ababa -
Geremew Yerega- Child Protection AoR Coordinator, acting -UNICEF - Addis Ababa -
Feven Zerihun-    Info. Management Officer  - Addis Ababa -
Ephraim Karanja- Gender Based Violence Coordinator - UNFPA - Addis Ababa -
Mekdes Derseh - GBV Information Managment Officer - UNFPA- Addis Ababa - 

Fethia Ismail - Coordinator(NRC) - Addis Ababa -

Habtamu Gulilat-  HLP Information Managment



Abel Tesfai-  Chief of Mine Action Programme Ethiopia- UNMAS-Addis Ababa-

Yodit Berhane- EORE Specialist -UNMAS-Addis


Sub-national Cluster
Muluget Tesfaye - Asst. Protection Officer -Afar Region - 
Keuwa Leon Doumun - Snr. Protection Coordinator- Amhara Region- Bahir Dar-
Antonie Gassisou - Protection Officer- Amhara Region- Debrebirehan -
Amjad DAKHALLA  - Protection Coordinator - Amhara Region- Gonder-
Restituta Cang  - Ass. Field Officer (Prot.) - Benishangul Region -Assosa- 
Guelnoudji Ndjekounkosse  - Snr. Protection Officer- Gambella Region-
Kelly Koo  -  Protection Officer- Gambella Region-
Gairat Almatov  - Head of Field Office - Oromia Region- West & Kamash Zones-
Gimbi Moroda - Protection Ass.- Oromia Region- West & Kamash Zones-
Samuel Amanuel- Community-Based Prot Assc.- Oromia Region- Bulehora FO-
Nimo Ahmed Abdilahi Protection Ass..- Somali Region -
Tsedey Girma Protection Ass..- East/West Hararge-Diredawa --
Rose Mweb  -  Snr. Protection Cluster Advisor- Tigray Region- Mekelle-
Sarah Elliott - Protection Officer - Tigray Region- Mekelle-
Mustafa ELHEJAJI   - Protection Coordination Officer- Tigray Region- Shire-