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The Inter-Agency Accountability Working Group in Ethiopia (IAAWG-E) is a collaborative network primarily comprised of agencies operating in Ethiopia who aim to adhere to the IASC  Commitments on Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP), Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS), Sphere and the Humanitarian Partnership Standards (HSP) as a whole. The working group was established in Addis Ababa in 2009 by organizations that have strong interest in promoting accountability in humanitarian and development work using the HAP standards. Currently, the working group has 51 members (NGO and UN, Cluster Lead Agencies etc.), with IOM Ethiopia as the lead Co-Chair and International Rescue Committee supporting Co-Chair, for the year 2021.

Community Voices

This dashboard presents feedback gathered from community affected by the crisis across Ethiopia. It is designed to help humanitarian responders make decisions and adapt programming by providing insights into what communities are saying as the response progresses. This dashboard is an inter-agency platform for community engagement and accountability to affected populations in Ethiopia.



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Senior Programme Support Coordinator
International Organization for Migration-Ethiopia 

Kidane Badeg Mirdeto
Senior Responsiveness Manager
International Rescue Committee |Ethiopia Program