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Ethiopia: West Guji – Gedeo Conflict Displacement: Flash Update 3


  • Renewed inter-communal violence along the borders of Gedeo (SNNPR) and West Guji (Oromia region) zones on 3 June displaced an estimated 40,000 people in Gedeo zone and more than 28,000 people in West Guji zone. Some 274,5481 people were already displaced in Gedeo and at least 84,000 people in West Guji from the previous waves of violence since April 2018.
  • Civilian deaths, damage to properties and public infrastructures, including schools and health facilities, were also reported.
  • Regional authorities and hosting communities are providing first-line assistance to the displaced, but it is significantly inadequate. The capacity of the hosting communities is also being stretched to the limit.
  • West Guji zonal authorities officially requested for food, plastic sheets and clothes assistance to the Oromia Disaster Risk Management Commission (DRMC) on 4 June. The request also extends to humanitarian partners. Meanwhile, the SNNP regional government has only so far requested humanitarian partners’ support for recovery assistance in areas of return.
  • On 5 June, the UN issued a travel re-striction on all UN missions to West Guji and Gedeo zones. The situation continues to be closely monitored.  (Read more . . .)
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06 juin 2018
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Rapport de Situation
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