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Ethiopia Shelter NFI Cluster Strategy 2019-2021

The Shelter Cluster has been active in Ethiopia since 2008. The two-year Shelter / NFI Cluster strategy for Ethiopia is intended to guide interventions for Shelter Cluster members until the end of 2021. It recognizes that contexts across Ethiopia are both changeable and highly specific, with unique needs per location. At the time of writing, there were 3.2 million IDPs in Ethiopia, from both conflict and climate-related disasters. Whilst it is hoped that conditions will allow these people to return to their place of origin before 2021, previous experience shows that there is a high likelihood of further displacement. As a result, the strategy includes consideration of shelter preparedness, response and shelter recovery support to account for both returns and secondary displacement.

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Organisation internationale pour les migrations
Date de publication initiale: 
29 sep 2019
Type de document: 
Addis Ababa
Planning stratégique
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Addis Ababa