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Following its formal activation on 22 March 2021, CCCM is now a stand-alone cluster and has transitioned from being Site Management Support Working Group (SMS-WG) under the Protection Cluster. As of 05 April 2021, The Government of Ethiopia has designated the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) as the focal agency for CCCM and has now designated a national level focal person. Recently, it has also appointed sub-national/Regional level focal persons for Tigray and Somali Region. CCCM is currently co-coordinated by two UN agencies IOM and UNHCR and ANE representing the national NGOs.

CCCM activities:

- Site Planning & Development of Relocation Sites in Mekelle and Shire

- Developing partnership with and capacity building of national  NGOs  as CCCM actors

- Advocacy and resource mobilization for more CCCM actors

- Daily care and maintenance of existing sites & monitoring of needs, gaps and response


Rafael Abis - CCCM Cluster Coordinator - 

Hussein Awol - CCCM Cluster Coordinator -

Ilyas Muhammad - CCCM Cluster Coordinator -

Ammar Mirghani - CCCM Cluster Information Management Officer