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Burundi: Humanitarian snapshot (October 2020)


COVID-191 | As of 31 October, 589 COVID-19 cases have been registered in Burundi, including 1 death. Of these, 518 cases (or 88 per cent) are reported cured. A 17 per cent increase was observed compared to September, with men representing the majority of the total number of cases. Bujumbura Mairie province continues to record the most cases (68 per cent). Of the total tests carried out, 19 per cent were in October. The Government’s mass screening campaign ended on 5 October. Internaly Displaced Persons (IDP)2 | The September DTM identified 127,832 IDPs, a 3 per cent decrease compared to August. This slight decrease of 3,504 IDPs is explained by 58 per cent of them having returned to their community of origin, while 39 per cent have been integrated in communities at the local level (the remaining 3 per cent are not yet known). The main needs of displaced people are shelter and non-food items, food, as well as water and sanitation support. Rapatriation3 | In October 2020, 3,358 Burundians have been repatriated from Tanzania (1,952), Rwanda (1,103) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (303). With 5,934 returnees, September recorded the highest number of returnees so far in 2020. Since 2017, the Eastern provinces receive the highest number of returnees (between 10,000 and 25,000). The main needs of the returnees are household items and access to land and housing. According to UNHCR, 322,651 Burundian refugees remain in the region. Refugees4 | As of October, 78,869 refugees and asylum seekers have been registered in Burundi, 60 per cent of whom live in 5 refugee camps and 40 per cent in urban areas, mainly in Bujumbura. The main needs of refugees are food and non-food items, shelter, and medical assistance.

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11 nov 2020
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