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Category 1 Incident Report 02 August 2018

Category 1 incident reporting: On any day an incident occurs, the Site Management Sector, with technical support from IOM NPM, collates reports received from Site Management Support agencies. A report is then circulated each evening. This provides an overview of incident, needs, and immediate response provided.  Please note that information provided through these initial incident reports is preliminary. Numbers are subject to change with more detailed assessment. Reports received after the 18:00 daily submission deadline are reflected in the following day’s cumulative reporting, but not in the detailed incident overviews.

Operation(s)/Espace(s) web: 
Site Management & Site Development Sector - Cox's Bazar/Bangladesh
Date de publication initiale: 
02 aoû 2018
Type de document: 
Rapport d'Analyse
Cox's Bazar
Bureaux de coordination: 
Cox's Bazar
Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis 2017-2021