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Afghanistan: Conflict Induced Displacements in 2018 - Snapshot (as of 1 April 2018)

From 1 January to 21 March 2018, 54,100 people fled their homes due to conflict in Afghanistan, with 26 of 34 provinces recording forced displacement.  Constrained humanitarian access hinders assessments, preventing verification of the full extent of displacement and undermining provision of assistance and services. Displaced families often find themselves in precarious living conditions with their well-being and dignity jeopardised by inadequate shelter, lack of food and water, insufficient access to sanitation and health facilities as well as lack of protection. 

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Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
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05 avr 2018
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Instantané Humanitaire
Coordination sur le Terrain
Gestion de l'Information
Déplacés Internes (IDPs)
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National Level Coordination