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CEWG WorkPlan 2018-2019 (as of 06 Nov 2018)

Afghanistan CEWG Workplan 2018-2019

Objective: The Afghanistan Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) will provide technical and coordination support to promote the integration of community engagement and accountability into the programme cycle in Afghanistan to promote informed decision making on behalf of response providers and affected populations. Stakeholders: Communities affected by conflict, natural disaster and/or development issues; Humanitarian Partners; Development Partners; Government; Private Sector (media, telecoms) Guiding Questions: How will the CEWG benefit Afghans? How to add value at a local level? How to manage expectations? How to engage humanitarian and development partners, civil society, Government and media? How does the CEWG enhance AAP at an agency and a collective level? Strategy: Target three elements: i. Use preferred approaches and mechanisms for information provision to communities and informa

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06 nov 2018
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