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Afghanistan: ICCT Real-Time Response Overview (11 January 2022)

This report is produced by OCHA Afghanistan in collaboration with humanitarian partners via clusters. This report covers activities carried out between 16 and 31 December 2021. It aims to provide a frequent overview of response activities against the needs articulated in the Flash Appeal. The reporting timeframe will match the Flash Appeal which details a four-month – from 1 September to 31 December 2021 – strategic response to the current crisis. The plan draws largely on unmet needs detailed in the 2021 HRP (Humanitarian Response Plan) while also incorporating new emerging needs, as they are currently understood. 

This will be the last ICCT Real-Time Response Overview Situation Report focused on activities since the launch of the Flash Appeal. The ICCT will return to its regular pattern of monthly and quarterly reporting in 2022.

  • Humanitarians sought US$606 million as part of the Flash Appeal to provide prioritised multi-sectoral assistance to 11 million people in the last four months of 2021. With thanks to donors’ generous support, the Flash Appeal has received USD 823 million (135.8 per cent of the total ask) as of 31 December.
  • Humanitarians remain concerned about "conditional humanitarianism" or attempts to “leverage” humanitarian assistance for political purposes. Further, donors are urged to ensure transactions and other activities required for humanitarian operations are excluded from the scope of sanctions regimes to allow humanitarian activities to continue without impediment.
  • Since 1 September 2021, partners have reached 145,605 children with community-based education activities, supported 192,294 people with household items, provided 9.4 million people with food assistance, reached 1,611,921 people with primary and secondary healthcare (direct consultations), provided treatment for Acute Malnutrition to 275,584 children under five, supported 64,038 people with individual protection assistance including cash for protection, and reached 552,665 people with WASH assistance including through hygiene promotion and hygiene kits.
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12 jan 2022
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Rapport de Situation
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National Level Coordination