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Afghanistan: Humanitarian Response Plan (2018-2021) - Year-End Report (Jan - Dec 2019)


The ‘Key Achievements’ summary presented here provides data on each sector’s results in reaching people
targeted in the Humanitarian Response Plan between January and December 2019. The summary includes
many types of assistance – with some sectors reaching a much higher percentage of their target than others,
predominantly due to funding constraints. Carry-over of funding from allocations made in late 2018, which
could only be spent on reaching people in 2019, contributed to the expanded reach. A clear distinction
should be made between the total number of people in need who have been reached with some form of
assistance and the number of people whose needs have been fully covered. ‘Reach’ refers to people who have
received assistance at least once. Hence totals for reach are inevitably high at the beginning of the reporting
cycle when counting begins each year and people are reached for the first time. ‘Coverage’ refers to those
people who have benefitted, as planned, for a particular activity and are considered to have had their full
needs met. For some clusters there maybe be multiple months between first reaching a person in need and
that person having their needs fully met. This is especially true for food assistance where an individual may
receive food on multiple occasions during the year. Moving forward into 2020, the Humanitarian Country
Team will endeavor to reflect both coverage and reach in its periodic reports, thereby improving the quality
of HRP mid-cycle monitoring. Changes in security and access conditions in 2019, as well as changed patterns
of displacement, have also led to significant deviations from original planning in terms of response locations.
This has added to the reach of clusters in new areas, boosting the number of people assisted beyond original
planning estimates.

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31 jan 2020
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Suivi périodique de la Réponse