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Afghan Civilian Assistance Program - Monthly Status Report (April 2016)


  • The victim assessments and the distribution of immediate assistance to eligible victims continued to make solid progress during the month. The monthly data is summarized below.
  • ACAP III marked the International Day of Mine Awareness on 4 April by hosting a risk awareness event for children at Amina-i- Fedawe High School in Kabul, which also kicked-off the distribution of
  • 60,000 school bags with risk awareness messages to school children.
  • Notable progress has been made in the assessment of the 19 April Kabul explosion victims and the assessment is continuing.
  • Conducted ACAP III training with 946 community health workers (662 males and 284 females), and 334 school teachers (325 males and 9 females), in various provinces.
  • 47 male and 28 female beneficiaries graduated with poultry farming training in Kunduz.


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Service de la lutte antimines des Nations Unies
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30 avr 2016
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Rapport de Situation