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HEAt assessment of conflict IDPs in Faryab Province (02 Mar 2017)


Assessment of conflict induced IDPs in Maymana city of Faryab province


Household survey

Principales constatations: 

The targeted area has been impacted by two displacement waves coming from Faryab and Badghis provinces, Khuja Sabz Push district, Qaisar, Shirin Tagab, Bilcheragh, Gurziwan, Almar and Kohistan districts. The first wave started in 9th of Oct’16 due to the conflict and the second wave started from 12 of Feb ’17 due to the fall of Shirin Tagab outskirts villages in Talban control.
Regarding the first wave, a previous assessment took place between 11 January and 5 February and the response has been provided to 220 HHs end of Feb 2017. The screening committee meeting that was held on 10 of Jan-2017 led the team toward the assessment of 2745 families whom have been displaced from above mentioned districts due to the conflict. In the result of the joint assessment 141 out of 414 HHs are selected for the assistance while the joint assessment for the remaining households are ongoing. The joint assessment team composed of NRC, Save the children, WFP-IP, DACAAR, WAW and DoRR.
During interviews, the affected families claimed that there were conflict factors in their areas which caused them to flee their original villages. They said presence of unknown people and AOGs in their areas made the lives difficult for the civilians. They added, when Taliban attack to recapture new villages they directly start with shooting whoever comes in front of them, and they even fired the houses. ANSF started the operation but due to cold weather and snow the progress of retaken the villages by ANSF is very slow. The selected households are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance as they have lost their food Stocks, NFIs, hygiene items and water containers. In addition, they left their live stocks and agricultural lands behind. Report indicates the average household size of this caseload is 5.42 person. 100% of the beneficiaries have listed food as their first priority followed by NFIs and Shelter.

Rapport d'évaluation: 
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Publicly Available
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Publicly Available
Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
06 fév 2017 - 02 mar 2017
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Report completed
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Déplacés internes
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Conseil norvégien pour les réfugiés
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Save The Children
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees