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HEAT assessment for conflict IDPs in Behsud District of Nangarhar province (08 May 2017)”


Joint need assessment of IDPs in Behsud district of Nangarhar


Direct Observation

Principales constatations: 

After the conflict happened in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province between ISIS and Taliban, many families started to leave the area, and settle themselves in secure areas, The battle between ISIS and Taliban affected many villages at Chaparhar as ISIS attacked on Taliban’s check posts and forced people to leave the area, it was slow firing on the first day, on the second day they attacked increasingly on Taliban and harm civilians, an elder said during discussion, so we had nothing to defend and resist against them, lastly when the situation was out of control we decided to leave the village and homes and find a safe place to protect our families, as it was an emergency situation these families left all home appliances at the place of origin.
When the case was reported to HRT, an urgent meeting was called at DoRR office and decided to survey the displaced families in order to find their needs and assist them. As a result of first round of the survey NRC assessed 82 families and found 15 families which make a total of 105 individuals eligible for emergency assistance. The average household size for this caseload is 7.0 person
100% of the beneficiaries has listed food as their first priority,100% of them has listed NFIs as their second priority followed by WASH, health, education as their third priority needs.

Based on assessment team’s observations the families are living in extremely bad condition therefore the team recommended them for emergency assistance.

Rapport d'évaluation: 
Données d'évaluation: 
Not Available
Date(s) de l'évaluation: 
02 mai 2017 - 08 mai 2017
État de l'évaluation: 
Report completed
Unité de Mesure: 
Méthode de collecte: 
Type de population: 
Déplacés internes
Cluster / Secteurs: 
Agence(s) chef de file: 
Conseil norvégien pour les réfugiés
Organisation(s) participante(s): 
Government of Afghanistan - Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
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