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Chad: Situation Report - 18 May 2020

Heavy rains leave almost 6,000 people homeless in Maingama, Moyen-Chari province

After torrential rains hit the returnee site of Maingama on 21 April, a joint evaluation mission comprising UN agencies, NGOs and national authorities was conducted from 27 to 29 April.

The delegation reported that 5,920 people (1,184 households) out of 9,486 returnees on the site have been affected, including 61 wounded and one death. Shelter is the most affected sector with 62,40% of shelters totally or partially destroyed by the heavy rains. Many affected households found shelter with a relative or a neighbor who hadn’t been affected. More than one third of the affected population (over 2,000 people) is now homeless, most of them being women and children. Among those most affected, 65% of them are female heads of household.

To this day, no assistance has been provided to the people living on the site after the disaster even though the rainy season has started and could worsen the condition of the most vulnerable. The delegation identified five priority sectors in need of humanitarian aid: shelter, protection, health, food security, and WASH. (Read more)

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Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations Unies
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18 mai 2020
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Rapport de Situation
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