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Chad: COVID-19 - Concern Worldwide’s Response in Chad - 23 July 2020 [ENG]

This is the second progress report of Concern Worldwide's response to the COVID-19 crisis in Chad. Concern has implemented a series of activities in close collaboration with the provincial health delegations in the Lac and Sila Provinces to prevent and limit the transmission of COVID-19 in these areas.

In recent weeks, support has been provided to health structures in terms of training and protective equipment. This should allow health workers to better protect themselves and limit the risk of transmission. Awareness campaigns are also continuing in order to strengthen the dissemination of key messages and encourage populations to adopt protective measures. Finally, actions related to Water and Sanitation, including the distribution of handwashing kits, have improved hygiene conditions for households at risk.

These actions are part of the « National contingency plan for the preparation and response to COVID-19 in Chad».

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Concern Worldwide
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23 juil 2020
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