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Humanitarian Programme Cycle Reference Module version 1.0

The Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) is an important element of the Transformative Agenda (TA) which the IASC initiated in 2011 and which oversaw the development of guidance in coordination, leadership and accountability.

The HPC serves as a guide for all crises. It is designed to revitalize the way in which humanitarian actors coordinate to meet the needs of people affected by disasters and conflict. The HPC seeks to meet the needs of affected populations in the most effective way by clearly defining the complementary roles and responsibilities of the different organisations involved in a humanitarian response. It creates a process that redefines the way in which international humanitarian actors engage - with each other, with national and local authorities, and with people affected by crises - to achieve more effective, efficient, predictable and transparent outcomes.

NB. This document has been superceded. Please see under related content for the current edition.
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12 déc 2013
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Coordination sur le Terrain
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Coordination Inter-Clusters
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