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On the, managers (see: User Role Types on the platform) have the ability to manage users in their section of the website - they can add new users, edit roles of the existing users or remove existing users from the site. Find below instructions for each of these tasks:

Add new User

As site's focal points, managers can add new users and assign them roles (manager, editor or contributor) appropriate for their tasks on the site.

Note Before adding new users, please ensure that your users have logged into at least once with their Humanitarian ID credentials. If they haven't logged in yet, they won't be available for you to add them to your group.

Use the following steps to add new users:

  1. Login to and head over to the space that you manage
  2. Click on the ‘GROUP’ tab

    Screenshot of the admin dashboard

  3. Once you are inside the Group, click on the ‘People’ link to check users who are already added to the site via a Humanitarian ID account. You can check here if the user is already added to the site or not. If not, then click on the ‘Add people’ from the Group tab to add the user.
  4. Select the name you want to add. If your user is not available, ensure that they have previously logged into with their Humanitarian ID credentials.
  5. Choose a user role from ‘Roles’ you want to assign to your new group member. Choose one role only.
  6. Click the ‘Add users’ button at the bottom to add the user to your group.


If you assign a role to a user at an operation space level (for example, South Sudan), this role will be replicated on all operation sub-spaces (for example, South Sudan WASH). If you assign a role at a sub-space level, the role is assigned for that specific space only! Operation space managers can assign roles to members of the operation space and its sub-spaces, while manages of sub-spaces and do so only within the sub-space they are managing.


Edit existing users

If you want to edit an existing user - for example, to upgrade or downgrade their role, block them or to remove them from the group - use the following steps to do so:

  1. Login to and head over to the space that you manage
  2. Click on the ‘GROUP’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘People’
  4. If you want to remove a user from your group, click on 'remove'
  5. If you want to upgrade or downgrade a user's role or change their status, click on ‘edit’ next to the name of the user that you want to edit, and then
    • Change their status from the dropdown list
    • Upgrade or downgrade their role by selecting the required option and deselecting the previously held role. For example, if you are upgrading a user from an editor to a manager, check the manager box and uncheck the editor box.
  6. Click on ‘Update membership’. See the screenshot below.

    Screenshot of the admin dashboard - Membership

  7. You can remove users from this page also by clicking on 'Remove' next to the 'Update membership' button.