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The left hand column, that is the left sidebar, of every page is dedicated to the sidebar menu which displays menu items of particular relevance to the context of that page (subpages, clusters/sectors, working groups, links to external content). Every operation has its own menu enabled by default. Operation managers can add or remove items as needed. 

Screenshot of a page with the sidebar menu indicated

Clusters can take advantage of this element too and create their own menus. Before proceeding make sure the Menu feature is enabled. Log in, go to your cluster and click on the Edit tab. Then make sure the Menu option is checked. If you uncheck the option, the sidebar column will be blank.

Admin option to enable a menu

With the menu enabled you are ready to start adding menu items to it. The steps outlined below show you how to create, change or remove menu items.

Adding new menu items

Do you know your links?

Before adding menu items, make sure to collect the necessary information for your menu items, it will make building a menu a quick and smooth process! For every menu item you need a title (menu item label) and an URL

  • Switch over to the 'Content' tab to have an overview of content that belongs to your space.
  • You can use the "Type" filter to focus on a type, for example pages.

    Screenshot of a page with the content tab and type filter indicated

  • Find the page that you would like to add to your menu, right click on it and copy the link address.
  • Do this for all content that you want to add to your sidebar menu.

Add items to the menu

  • Switch over to the 'Group' tab and click on 'Menus' link to access the menu management feature.
  • To add a new menu item, click on the 'add link' option.

    Screenshot of List menus for option

  • On the 'Add item into menu' page, provide the menu link title, e.g. 'Funding'. If you are dealing with long titles, you can come up with a shorter version for the 'Menu link title' field, and use the full version of your title in the 'Description' field which will be displayed if visitors hover over the menu link.
  • Paste your URL into the 'Path' field
    • Note: If you want to add a heading to your menu (subsection), put ‘<nolink>’ into the 'Path' field. This menu item will appear in bold, uppercase letters and will not link to anything. In the Mozambique example above, these would be 'CLUSTERS' and 'WORKING GROUPS' headings.
  • From the 'Parent link' dropdown list, select the parent menu item for your menu link, that is a menu item that you want your menu link to appear under. This can be a menu link or a subsection of the menu such as 'CLUSTERS' in the Mozambique example above.
  • Save your new menu item and see it appear on the frontpage that holds your sidebar menu.
  • Repeat these steps for all menu items that you want to add to your menu.

Edit or remove existing menu item

  • To edit existing menu items, to change their order, or to remove them, switch over to the 'Group' tab and click on 'Menus'.
  • On the "List items for menu" page, click on 'List links' to list all menu items in the order in which they appear on the website.
  • Click on either 'edit' or 'delete' link to make changes to your menu item. To rearrange the order, you can grab a menu item by clicking on the outward facing arrows icon next to the name, and then drag and drop the item at a desired location. Remember to save changes to your configuration!

    Screenshot of List items for menu option