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As a manager, you can customize pages meaning that you can add or remove content blocks, move them around the page, and select styles for your content blocks. You can also change your page's layout, that is choose one of the available page templates which are differentiated from each other by the number of columns and the number of full width sections.

To start customizing your page, click on the "Customize this page" button at the bottom of the page:

Screenshot of a bottom admin bar with the Customize this page button

Next, select the area of the page you would like to add your content block to by clicking on the plus button in that particular section:

Screenshot of an empty page with indicated buttons to add or move content blocks

Note: You can drag your content blocks from one page area to another any time. Grab the content block that you want to move by clicking on the icon with outward facing arrows in the upper right corner, drag it to the desired position until a yellow dropzone appears, and then drop your block. Remember to save the page after applying such a change.



You're encouraged to explore the different styles available to see how they can help you optimize presentation of your content!