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Using RSS feeds, you can easily retrieve latest content dynamically from sites you are interested in, e.g. you can easily pull latest reports for Yemen or Liberia from or and display a block anywhere in your operatinonal websites.

In order to show content using RSS feeds, use the following steps;

  1. Login to your site
  2. Open any page or homepage of your website where you want to add RSS feeds.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Customize this page’ button.

  4. Now the page is enabled to add content block or make changes to the existing ones.
  5. Click on the sign ‘+’ highlighted in the screenshot to add new pane. See the screenshot below.

  6. In the 'Add content to column' window', click on the button "Custom content" and then click on the ‘+Add’ button to add the RSS feeds. See the screenshot below.

  7. In the ‘Configure new RSS feeds’ window, provide the following necessary details;
    • Title of the block: If you need to give a name or title to the block, check the ‘Override title’ to assign the title. See screenshot for example.
    • Feed URL: For example, If you are showing the latest reports for Yemen from Reliefweb, get their RSS feeds i.e. “”.
    • Number of items to display: choose the number of feeds you need to show in the block.
    • Click on the Finish button to save this work.

  8. Once you follow all the steps correctly, you should see the content block in the screenshot below, populated using the RSS feeds.