Humanitarianresponse Logo are the information services provided by OCHA which enable the humanitarian community to manage the structured information around the humanitarian programme cycle (HPC): needs indicators, strategic and cluster plan frameworks, response indicators, activities and projects, 3W, and financial data. They support the cycle at all stages: identification of needs; strategic, cluster-level and project planning; periodic monitoring; presence mapping and financial tracking.

Four complimentary platforms

Response Planning and Monitoring Module (RPM)

RPM is at the heart of, managing the plan framework for each tracked humanitarian response plan. This is where humanitarian profile data is stored, at both national and cluster levels, as well as the objectives, indicators and targets making up the results framework. RPM includes a monitoring component, allowing the submission of data on people reached with aid and other progress against objective and activity indicators. 

HPC Projects Module

The Projects Module, piloted in in Chad and Libya in 2017 and deployed globally in 2018, replaces the venerable Online Projects System (OPS) and facilitates the appeal costing process, by allowing project owners to submit project proposals for vetting by clusters and inclusion in humanitarian repsonse plans. Projects can be linked to the caseloads and results frameworks established in RPM, and form the basis for operational presence maps in HPC Viewer (coming soon).

Financial Tracking Service (FTS)

For over 25 years, FTS has tracked, curated and published authoritative humanitarian financing data, with a focus on internationally coordinated appeals and response plans.

Humanitarian InSight

Humanitarian InSight provides a publication layer and single point of entry for all programme cycle data managed using the suite. It empowers country operations and clusters to curate interactive online presentations of their needs, planning and monitoring information, while simultaneously providing a reference for globally aggregated data used in corporate products such as the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO). Humanitarian InSight was laucnhed alongside the 2019 Global Humanitarian Overview, and features pages on every humanitarian response plan included therein (or soon will).