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Dr. Emanuele BRUNI 
World Health Organization
Health Сluster Coordinator
World Health Organization
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World Health Organization
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This section contains information on Health Cluster partner's response to the COVID-19 emmergency.

Ukraine will receive 117,000 dose of Pfizer vaccine through the COVAX program

It was confirmed that Ukraine will receive 117,000 does of Pfizer vaccine, which may be available in the country from mid-February 2021. Vaccines, together with the necessary additional materials needed for the safe vaccination, will be provided free of charge. The vaccines will be delivered by UNICEF’s supply department, which is responsible for all vaccine deliveries through the COVAX mechanism for countries in the WHO European Region. It is the first result obtained due to the country’s participation in COVAX mechanism and the consultation process that has been underway in Ukraine since July 2020 with the support of WHO, UNICEF, World Bank (which joined the talks in September-October), as well other international partners. Ukraine prepared all documents and the draft of “Roadmap” and Operational Plan in a timely manner within the framework of the "first wave" submitted to COVAX on January 18, 2021.
WHO, together with UNICEF Ukraine, World Bank and European Union in Ukraine continue to support the Ukrainian Government with preparing for the successful implementation of the first wave of vaccination, which aims to protect medical workers who provide services to COVID-19 patients.

Source: WHO Ukraine Facebook page