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WASH Cluster Incident Report №153, 23/10/2018


Voda Donbasa informed WASH Cluster that, a truck driver and an excavator driver also travelling in the cab of the truck, were injured today, 23rd October 2018, while delivering an excavator to the site of repairs of the 900 mm water pipeline delivering clean water to Toretsk. Reportedly the truck hit a mine. The two workers were evacuated to hospital on the Government Controlled Area (GCA), and are currently reported to have concussion and hearing difficulties, among other injuries.

Work started this morning, just after 9am following an agreed Window of Silence by both sides.  The route to the repair site had been previously cleared of mines but an additional excavator was requested later (it was on the back of the truck), which contributed to the incident, it seems.

Repair teams are continuing to work in no-man’s land according to the local department of Voda Donbasa, however some reports state that work has now stopped.

Horlivka Filter station #2 supplies water to 191,131 people, of whom 45,049 people (according to Voda Donbasa) are currently without water and therefore centralized heating will also not be able to be switched on. Water to Toretsk city was stopped on Monday 21st October.

WASH Cluster is in touch with Voda Donbasa and will inform implementing partners regarding this issue, so they can react.

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24 Oct 2018
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