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Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF)

Established in July 2014 following UN Security Resolutions 2139 and 2165 in view of the magnitude and complexity of the Syria crisis, The Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF), formerly called the Turkey Humanitarian Fund (THF) *, is a multi-donor country-based pooled fund whose objective is to expand and enable humanitarian assistance in Syria. It supports activities in line with the strategic and sector objectives of the Syria Response Plan. The SCHF provides flexible and timely resources to partners thereby expanding the delivery of humanitarian assistance, increasing humanitarian access, and strengthening partnerships with local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The SCHF's objective is to support life-saving and life-sustaining activities, fill critical funding gaps, support prepositioning of stock and contingency planning, capacity building of local partners, support to logistics and coordination services, and support to resilience and early recovery needs wherever possible. 

As the final decision-maker on funding, the Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator (DRHC) is assisted by an Advisory Board (AB). The AB advises on the fund strategies and policy issues. A Review Board (RB) composed of sector coordinators supports the DRHC on programmatic and technical aspects.  OCHA provides overall technical and programmatic support to the DRHC. 

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*As of 1 August 2019, the Turkey Humanitarian Fund (THF) has changed its name to become the Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF). This name change will allow to better capture the nature of the fund’s activities which is to provide cross border assistance into Syria. The Fund’s scope and objective remain unchanged. This change will be progressively introduced in the course of August and a transition period will be observed over the next few months. More information will be shared shortly.