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Turkey | Syria: Latest Developments in North-western Syria (as of 10 April 2018)


  • Since the middle of March, a total of 55,817 people displaced from Eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus and the Al-Qadam neighbourhood in Damascus city to north-western Syria and northern rural Aleppo, following agreements between the Government of Syria and the non-state armed groups.   
  • The UN and humanitarian organizations face an estimated funding gap of some $100 million, to provide life-saving assistance and services to the IDPs who were displaced to northern Syria, in addition to the $74 million lacking and required to assist those who were displaced to areas in rural Damascus, remain in areas of East Ghouta that recently shifted control, and the people in need currently located in Duma city. 
  • The existence of large concentrations of IDPs in the north-west continues to put a strain on the resources of humanitarian organizations and host communities. Estimates from February 2018 show the presence of over 1.2 million IDPs in Idleb governorate - an approximate 25% increase in the IDP population in Idleb governorate compared to eight months prior.  
  • On 08 April, an agreement was reportedly reached in Duma city, where an estimated 78,000 – 150,000 individuals remain besieged, indicating that more displacement to northern Syria are likely to happen in the coming days. 
  • The Turkey Humanitarian Fund (THF), which has been an integral part of the humanitarian response to emergencies over the past years, is almost depleted. Urgent support is needed to ensure that the THF is capable to fund humanitarian activities, when emergencies occur.

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10 Abr 2018
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