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Schools in Northern Syria Camps - Edition 2


The Information Management Unit (IMU), of the Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), issues the Schools in the Northern Syria Camps report annually. This edition is considered the second of this report, where it highlights the impact of the ongoing war in Syria, the displacement environment on the education sector, the educational needs of the IDPs children, and schools from the different points of view. The IMU started this report by developing the questionnaire of the previous edition of the report "Schools in the northern Syria camps edition 01" which was issued in August 2017 to reach a greater number of indicators and to cover all the information that actors bodies need, and support the educational process. This edition included four types of perception surveys for the first time, to reflect the education reality and its needs from multipoint of view, as well as to add qualitative data to the report along with quantitative data.


This section provides an overview of the methodology that IMU designed and followed during data collection, data analysis, visualization till issuing the final version of the report. IMU consulted Education experts about the work steps and the developmental mechanisms in the two successive editions of this report, and the enumerators about the available solutions in the event of any problem occurrence. This assessment includes 72 functional schools distributed within 62 IDP camps in north of the governorates of Aleppo and
Idleb. Thirty ACU enumerators who work in IDP camps have participated in the data collection. 804 e-forms have been filled out by the enumerators distributed as follows: 72 basic questionnaires for schools were filled out through field visits to schools, 233 questionnaires were conducted with students, 219 questionnaires were conducted with parents, 229 questionnaires were conducted with teachers, 51 questionnaires were conducted with principals. The data collection period began in early January 2018 and lasted for one month. The report was published by the end of October 2018.

Informe de evaluación: 
Publicly Available
Cuestionario de evaluación: 
Available on Request
Datos de evaluación: 
Available on Request
Fecha(s) de la evaluación: 
De 01 Feb 2018 hasta 25 Nov 2018
Estado de la evaluación: 
Report completed
Método de recolección: 
Key Informant Interview
Tipos de poblaciones: 
Poblaciones en los campos
Personas desplazadas internamente (PDI)
Organización(es) líder(es): 
Assistance Coordination Unit (Syria)
Otras ubicaciónes: 
Camps in - Aleppo: A'zaz, Jarablus | Idleb: Ma'arrat An Nu'man, Dana, Salqin, Harim, Badama
Syria: Crisis 2011-2021