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Rapid Gender and Protection Assessment Report Kobane Refugee Population, Suruç, Turkey


A total of eight focus groups and three individual interviews took place. Women and men were interviewed separately and focus groups were held in gender sensitive locations. Some questions
were taken from existing gender analysis tools from CARE; adapted from the IRC's GBV Emergency Response and Preparedness Toolkit to include men and boys in addition to women and
girls; adapted from Harvard's analytical framework gender analysis access and control tool. Additionally, a participatory approach to tailoring the questions in the assessment to the context was
used, to ensure that the questions asked would be culturally appropriate and do no harm, whilst still ensuring that adequate information was able to be gathered regarding gender and protection

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Publicly Available
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Not Available
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Not Available
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De 15 Oct 2014 hasta 24 Oct 2014
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Report completed
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Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere
International Medical Corps
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