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Multi-Sector Needs Assessment in Afrin


Data collected through face-to-face interviews with key informants within the visited villages, and notes were collected by field team through direct observations. We tried to cover both sexes in a balanced manner as well as IDPs and residents. A questionnaire was filled in each community with population more than (500) and eventually we received 129 questionnaires by conducting about 1,290 interviews with more than (565) key informants from different specialized fields i.e. local council members, medical actors, educational actors, etc. In small communities with population less than 500 persons, the team took quick tours within the community accompanied with community leader and noted down direct observations. The total number of visited communities is (146) from overall (220) community in Afrin District.
During the analysis process, data aggregation formula was used to calculate the numbers in sector-based manner. This formula gives weights to the experience of the key informant in the sector to which they are responding, as well as community pertinence (IDP or local resident) and the total population of the community compared to the total population of the sub-district.

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Publicly Available
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De 01 Sep 2018 hasta 25 Sep 2018
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Report completed
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Todas las poblaciones afectadas
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Hand in Hand for Aid and Development