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MSNA in Idleb Camps - CARE and partners (Ihsan, Violet, and Shafak)


MSNA report which has been conducted by CARE’s partners Ihsan, Violet, and Shafak in 53 camps in Jisr Ash-Shugur district. 501 surveys have been collected from the key informants and displaced people living there.



The need assessment tool which was developed by CARE was used by Ihsan, Violet, and Shafak teams to collect the data from those who living in the assessed camps, the data is based on information from the emergency response team, and IDPs tracking team. The interviewers' teams consisted of 20 interviewers, using the KoBo tool which is developed especially for the NA purpose. The data was analyzed and cleaned by the MEAL officer and uploaded to CARE’s need assessment dashboard.

Interviews were done with 501 individuals in 53 camps. The interviewees varied between key informants and households. The 108 key informants interviewed (22%) also varied between camps’ managers (40), representatives of the IDP Groups (37), local relief committees (20), Census Offices (9), and documentation offices (2). In addition to 393 interviews with displaced HHs. Out of 501 respondents, 110 (22%) were females and 391 (88%) were males.

Informe de evaluación: 
Cuestionario de evaluación: 
Not Available
Datos de evaluación: 
Not Available
Fecha(s) de la evaluación: 
De 25 Jun 2020 hasta 02 Jul 2020
Estado de la evaluación: 
Report completed
Método de recolección: 
Key Informant Interview
Tipos de poblaciones: 
Poblaciones en los campos
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CARE International
Syria: Crisis 2011-2020