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The Link between Food Insecurity and GBV in the South Sudan Crisis

As each day passes in the now 6-month long civil war in South Sudan, women and girls across the country are experiencing increasing levels of sexual violence. Rape is occurring every day around the country, with reports coming in that armed actors from all sides of the conflict are raping women and girls both during active battles and in the lulls in-between, both in rural and urban settings. In South Sudan women are in charge of the household and the food basket. Women gather food, women grind the grain, women and girls collect water for cooking and washing and women and girls collect firewood for the cooking. There is a direct correlation between food insecurity and increased incidents of sexual violence. For women in South Sudan the food crisis means more than just hunger; it means risking the most brutal, personal violence while struggling to keep their families alive across the country.

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Gender Based Violence Sub-Cluster - South Sudan
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12 Jun 2014
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Política y orientaciones
Violencia sexual basada en género