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IRNA of population affected by conflict in Mayen Jur of Nyang payam, Gogrial East County, Warrap State

  • To establish accurate information about displaced population
  • To assess the damages and impact inflicted by attackers
  • To assess market capacity and coping mechanism
  • To identify and ascertain the immediate and urgent needs of the  IDPs in Ameeth, Atayang, Awut-wut, Malual adoor,  Mawut, Malualkuel, Mangol and Lietnhom
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • key informants’ interview and
  • Observation.
Resultados principales: 

Food security and livelihood:

  • IDPS reported that their farm products were burnt by attackers leaving them most vulnerable without food to eat
  • High prices of local markets foods, evidently Malwa (small tin basin) of sorghum grain was 800 SSP but difficult to get it.
  • Crisis of shortage of food is likely to cause huge nutritional problems in the IDPs areas
  • IDPS reported that over 1,500 cows and unaccounted number of goats, sheep and chickens were raided by the attackers leaving them vulnerable thus, they forged their living through wild foods such as water lily roots, lalop seeds and palm coconut fruits; find the pictures of these wild foods at the last page.
  • Live stocks movement has been disrupted and exposed to hunger and animals’ diseases since some of these live stocks were not vaccinated in main season
  • Few live stocks rescued from the hands of attackers were stranded without access to good pastures and vaccination vaccines. 
  • Farm equipment were destroyed and looted by the attacker

Emergency shelter & NFIs:

  • IDPs are lacking cooking sets, however based on the interview to some IDPs family they reported that they are sharing cooking sets with host community
  • IDPs are lacking sleeping materials, however some are using sleeping material which was made locally called locally (Yaak)
  • In Lietnhom shelter/NFI team observed some IDPs sleeping under trees and classrooms, however in Malual Kuel, Malual-Ador and Amet-nhom most of IDPs were  integrated with host community and some are staying under trees, in other hand  assessment team did not reach Magol and Atayang due to time factor,
  • In Mayen-jur market and houses around market were completely burnt down
  • In Nyang Payam and Mayen-Jur Boma, most of villages were deserted and properties were looted by attackers, particularly Mayen-Jur, Gam-dhang and chuei-bet,


  • High rate of malnutrition at the IDPs camps base on MUAC measurement and clinical consign  
  • High number of mothers are leaving under stress due to the loses of their families members and properties  
  • Based on the observation malnutrition cases might increase at those IDPs in the next coming 2-3 weeks due to the lack of food and lack of health care. 


  • No functionally and supported health facility in most affected areas in Nyang and Pathuon east payam
  • According to IDPS, drugs and other essential equipment in PHCUS are not available to cater for the increased population. Hence IDPS requested health partners to provide adequate health services.
  • The grass thatched primary health care unit [PHCU] which was functional in Mayen jur village was burnt down to ashes. There is no functioning health facilities in Mayen Jur and Ameethnhom and the nearest health facilities (Awutwut PHCU and Majak Nyuom PHCU) are far an estimated 3-4 hours movement.
  • The attack disrupted the BHI activities in many villages and that has resulted to increase cases of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea reported from under tree health facilities without drugs.
  • The health workers have set up a clinic under a tree but there are no essential medicines and supplies. According to the health workers, there was a report of suspected case of guinea worm and whooping cough. In addition, there is an increase of malaria cases for children under 5, above 5 years old and women. 
  • No basic Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health Services including immunization. This is putting at risk the children and pregnant women. 8 women delivered under tree of which 01 died and other 07 are under good health conditions.
  • Must BHI drug were used in the IDP Centre for treatment of children were out of stock only  day


  • Most of the IDPs were Children, women, elderly and people with disability.
  • IDPs are residing under trees and school compound, without blankets and mosquito nets they are vulnerable due to; cold weather, rain, wind and mosquitos bite.
  • No social distancing because and community are not aware about COVID-19 preventive measures
  • Overcrowding of people may lead to early forced marriage, rape and adultery
  • It was reported that more than 32 women are under detention by Nuer attackers
  • Nine (9) children are reported to be missing and suspected to have been abducted
  • 7 other young men were captured alive during the attacked
  • Twenty-six (26) person were reported killed
  • No report of child recruitment from the IDPs and host community
  • When speak to women in FGDs, they did not show domestic violence, no report of rape cases reported, but rumors and fear of attacks  by Nuer Militias were mentioned
  • There was a join border disputes committee between Dinka and Nuer communities in Mayen Jur.


  • IDPs have no clean drinking water, there were few clean water sources compared to number of host and IDPS populations which forced majority of them take water direct from swampy areas that may put them at high risk of contracting water borne diseases.


  • Few available primary schools’ structures were intact except Mayen jur primary school whose store was burnt to ashes where 380 different text books got burnt. But major issue was that learning programs were already interrupted by Coronavirus.
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De 22 Mayo 2020 hasta 23 Mayo 2020
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Poblaciones desplazadas
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Oficina de Coordinación de Asuntos Humanitarios de las Naciones Unidas
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Agence des Musulmans d'Afrique
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Mercy Corps
Vétérinaires Sans Frontières
Gogrial East
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