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Education Initial Rapid Needs Assessment Report for Koch County Unity State (2 - 10th January 2015)


Find out education activities and situation of the schools in Koch County after the crisis and recommend best ways to support and restart education activities


Meet and talk to education stakeholders in the county including local education authorities, teachers, school PTAs, school administrators, etc.
Survey – walk into school premises and assess the situation.
Observation – evaluated the situations of school premises, school surrounding, people coming back to their homes, school and damages level of the school facilities etc.

Resultados principales: 

There are no Education supplies (chalks, exercise books, pens & pencils, school in a box, and, teachers kits) and equipment (school desks, tables, chairs, blackboards, etc.)
Teachers’ salary and motivations – teachers currently work voluntarily.
Destruction of Learning Spaces and WASH facilities.

Informe de evaluación: 
Cuestionario de evaluación: 
Publicly Available
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Publicly Available
Fecha(s) de la evaluación: 
16 Ene 2015

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District / Province / Locality / County
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Report completed
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Poblaciones afectadas por el conflicto
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Windle International