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Barrier needs assessment "Opportunities and Potential for Children with Disabilities to Access Education in Gaza and Rafah cities"


Barrier needs assessment for Children with Disabilities to access to education


A set of tools for assessing the barriers to access education from the
perspectives of different education stakeholders was developed by
the team in Gaza, based on original tools used in HI’s project in
Indonesia but modified, contextualized and translated for Gaza
and Rafah cities
The assessment tool is designed to collect qualitative and
quantitative data, focusing on assessing the knowledge, attitudes,
opportunities, and barriers to IE for CwDs in the two locations,
Gaza City and Rafah City. The assessment was carried out by the
cooperation and involvement of IE project partners, PACF and
During the period March to July 2015, the HI team implemented
the assessment of barriers to IE for CwDs. In total, 209 interviews
-based questionnaires and 6 FGDs were conducted. The targeted
beneficiaries of this assessment were diverse and represented the
various stakeholders in the two targeted locations in Gaza and
Rafah Cities.
1- Special schools PACF & SPHP; directors, head teachers,
teachers, CwDs, and families of CwDs.
2- Mainstream schools; head teachers, teachers, CwDs, and
children without disabilities, families of CwDs, and families of
children without disabilities.
3- Non-school CwDs; CwDs and families of CwDs.
4- DPOs and CM; disabled people's organizations and community

Resultados principales: 

The barrier needs assessment is one of the core activities of the “Improved Access to Essential Services for Persons with Disabilities in Highly Marginalized Areas of occupied Palestinian territory” project, funded by Foreign Affairs, Development and Trade Canada (DFATD). The report will support the knowledge of Handicap International and other stakeholders working in the field of education on barriers, potentials and opportunities for Inclusive Education (IE), and in particular the inclusion of Children with Disabilities (CwDs) in education at Gaza and Rafah Cities. It will also add to the limited qualitative and quantitative data about this issue in this region, something that is required in order to help highlight this issue and to help advocate for policy change

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Publicly Available
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Publicly Available
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Publicly Available
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01 Feb 2016
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Report completed
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Personas con discapacidad
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Handicap International
Child Protection