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Child Protection Sub Working Group (Nigeria)

Recognizing that the Government of Nigeria bears the primary responsibility for the protection of children, the Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development “FMoWASD” and United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” have agreed to establish the Child Protection in Emergencies Sub-Working Group at National and State level (known as the Child Protection Sub-Working Group for short). The Child Protection sub-working group (CP SWG) works under the umbrella of the Protection Sector Working Group.

The CP SWG is a coordination forum through which the members of the child protection in emergency actors (i.e. related government institutions, agencies, international and national humanitarian organizations) involving in child protection in emergency response can coordinate interventions, seek consensus on issues, create partnerships and linkages for better prioritization of available resources and commitment to the adopted minimum standards for child protection in humanitarian action with an overall goal of enhancing the protection of children in emergency situation.

For more information about the CP SWG, please consult the Terms of Reference